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When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” Unknow

Like countless others, I have to refer to him as Shoaib Hashmi sahib out of pure respect. There is no other way for me. He was a designer made example of someone whose memory is a treasure for millions who watched him in real life, on stage or the distant TV screens. Without ever having met him, he triggered in his viewers a feeling that they were in direct interaction with him. To a large extent he focused on themes and situations of daily life that ordinary people could relate to in their own day to day lives. That unique ability to “connect” to people, even remotely set him apart from all others in his field of performing arts.

Shoaib sahib obtained his Master of Arts degree in economics from Government College, Lahore and a MSc. degree from London School of Economics in London. He also studied theatre at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London, though given his immense talents, I doubt he needed to much theatre teaching coming his way.

Move on to teaching. His students at GCU and later LSE whom I have come across from time to time, all speak of him with feelings of love, admiration and some sort of teacher-student bonding. Can’t think of too many such blessed teachers who spread knowledge to their students tagged with joy and laughter, getting an avalanche of love and respect in equal measure in return.

There is no way one can do full justice to his memory, legacy and contributions in multiple fields. But that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try. This is an attempt to pay respect and gratitude for the joy and escape from the tensions of daily life he brought to the doorsteps and living rooms of millions across continents. Who can forget his memorable creations for PTV such as Akkar Bakkar, Sach Gupp, and Taal Matol. Those who missed out on those marvels of cultured and quality entertainment, the loss is entirely theirs.

Never to be forgotten; always to be missed. Thank you Shoaib sahib for all the joy, entertainment and knowledge you spread for decades. Rest in peace.

Zahir Kaleem

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