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This book is not about or against any individual, any one party or institution. In a way, it is about everyone, including myself and the public service, national and international, to which I devoted 4 decades of my life. Where humour and satire are involved or attempted, it has to be at someone’s expense. In that sense, the book is against everyone who can or has achieved infamous celebrity status through acts or conduct that almost magnetically attract laughter or entertainment. But that does not inherently mean hostility. There is no programmed intention to offend any individual or class of individuals. The Sardar jokes are more in friendly banter. The reality is I have not met or seen any ethnic group blessed with so much sense of humour and spontaneous wit as the Sikh community. They are also one of the most proud and self-respecting amongst the human race. Want evidence? Have you ever seen a Sikh beggar anywhere in the world? I haven’t!

A note about the “Roman script” for Urdu and Punjabi expressions. There is no English alphabet corresponding to “noon ghunaan” in Urdu. My Late batchmate and very close and witty friend, Iqbal Muzaffar once floated the “N” ghunaan° concept in his conversation. Taking a cue from him, wherever N° appears in the script, it is to be read as “Noon ghanaan°” for pronunciation.