• Sat. May 18th, 2024

Pity the Nation

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by Javed Masud 

Pity the Nation that is at war with itself

But is happy to blame the world for all its sins 

Pity the Nation that refuses to learn from history 

But continues to distort historical facts 

Pity the Nation that relishes in living on myths 

But tries unrelentingly to spurn reality 

Pity the Nation where citizens express anger at international atrocities 

But is oblivious to cruelties inflicted daily by its own sons & daughters on its own people 

Pity the Nation where a nuclear technology salesman is an unquestioned hero

But refuses to honour its most distinguished nuclear scientist

Pity the Nation where the judiciary functions as a moral brigade & law-enforcement agencies dispense ‘quick justice’

But the writ of law does not apply equally to the weak & the strong 

Pity the Nation where usurpers are deemed to represent the will of the people and thus not subject to legal restraints 

But elected representatives are compelled to surrender to the majesty & the ‘rule of law’ 

Pity the Nation where the incarceration of ‘brave’ daughter in a foreign land invites intense anger

But where countless hapless daughters rot in local prisons seeking justice 

Pity the Nation where law officers garland a confessed murderer 

But where victims’ families wait endlessly for justice 

Pity the Nation where defence forces assume the responsibility to guard ideological frontiers

But outsource territorial defense to armed zealots

Pity the Nation where hate-mongers are treated as patriots 

but peace activists as foreign agents 

Pity the Nation that laments its decrepit school system 

But where state created monsters are committed to destroy existing schools

Pity the Nation that perpetually carries a begging bowl in its hands 

But expects its benefactors to treat it with respect 

Pity the Nation that boasts of its nuclear arsenal 

But does little to protect the life & liberty of its people 

Pity the Nation where the rich seek personal security through bullet-proof cars & armed guards 

But the poor are expected to seek it through prayers alone 

Pity the Nation that espouses an ideology that ensures equal rights for all

indifferent to gross violations of the rignts of lesser citizens’ 

Pity the Nation where the rich rob the state of taxes 

But which taxes the poor through inflation 

Pity the Nation that remorselessly flattens its moral landscape

But tries to build sand castles of sanctity & self- righteousness 

Pity the Nation that cares little about disintegration in the length & breadth of its territory But remains deeply concerned about acquiring strategic depth 

Pity the Notion that harbours confirmed terrorists 

But expects the world to believe in its commitment to fight terrorism 

Pity the Nation where media anchor persons act as judges & judges as anchor persons 

Pity the Nation where warriors are plotting, politicians wrangling, media shrieking, the clergy howling, black robes braying

 And where people are fast losing the hope of a better tomorrow